Gundam AGE 5-8: The Name’s Maxter. Gundam Maxter.


Again, just a quick summary.

They arrive at a huge fatass colony called Fardain and Flit meets an annoying shouta who Gundamjacks the Gundam Age and blows up some Gafrans and disappears to be picked up by ugly KKK-wannabes Pause for a moment, there are some ominous people in black cloaks surrounding a little shouta and no one notices? ARE YOU HIGH!?!?!??!! Seriously are the colony’s people BLIND or something? Anyways Wolf goes to a mobile suit maker because he’s so jelly about Flit’s Gundam while Flit and Emily encounter Fardain’s two factions fighting and are saved by underground dude who then goes out in a construction mobile suit to fight them and Flit has to jump in with the Gundam to save them but a new UE model (Baqto) appears and kicks Flit’s ass and the Age System comes up with the Titus armament and Largan stalls time with the Baqto for Flit to refit the Gundam and Flit comes and kicks the Baqto’s ass with the Gundam AGE-1 Titus and destroys it with a Beam Lariat then goes to tell the two factions to STFU and help each other fight the UE as 3 Baqtos attack the city and Wolf shows up in his new G-Exes mobile suit and slices 2 of them while Flit blows the last one up and we some dude named Yark Dole was selling mobile suit plans to the two factions and asked the guy who built Wolf’s G-Exes to build stuff for him and there’s a Zedas in the hanger of that guy’s shop which might or might not be what Yark Dole asked for but probably is since I doubt this show is gonna be very smart/complicated. 


Kyaaaa~ I miss you >.<

Random Thoughts

What is up with all these little kids? They’re ALL OVER the place! And Zalam and Euba are just stupid, though I guess you can’t expect a very intricate backstory in a kid’s show apart from a fight stemming from family pride and honor. Wait, human adults IRL are still stupid like that… whatever it’s still stupid. And did anyone notice the Z in Zalam’s crest looks a lot like ZAFT’s logo (Yes I suffered through enough of that piece of shit SEED to recognize the logo)?


Flit is becoming a pretty decent character, one of the best main character in a Gundam series alongside Shiro Amada from 08th MS Team. Most characters are either emo and whiny, or are just wrong in the head (e.g. AN HEERO). I like how he’s determined to pilot the Gundam himself and protect everyone instead of going “YOU ADULTS SHOULD TAKE CARE OF IT I’M JUST A KIDDD THIS IS WAR AND WAR IS A BAD THINNGGG OH MY GOD I CAN’T SHOOT!” OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE BANAGHER GROW A PAIR OF BALLS ALREADY WILL YA? The scene with him and that gray white blue pink black Wolf guy is a nice touch, where he declares that he won’t hand over the Gundam to anyone (it gets Gundamjacked later in the ep, but whatever that happens every show).

"Remember. It's Bros before Hos! Now go SUIT UP!" "Eehhhhhh?"

Ah yes, another thing that irked me, the Gundamjack. Happens every single freakin show, except Unicorn because that thing was smart and actually HAD A LOCK SYSTEM PUT IN PLACE. Seriously you crapbags you can build high tech giant robots but you can’t even put a password system in it? And there are suspicious people in black cloaks covering their heads walking around in the colony and no one noticed, ARE YOU HIGH?

Want candy?

What’re you doing to the kid?” “(Read in Jeff Goldblum’s voice) Oh, uh, yes, we are his, uh, nannies from the, uh, Nannies of the Dark Lord Association. And if we don’t take care of him, then, uh, this, uh, ….CHECKMATE

That girl’s father who went out in the construction type mobile suit against the warring factions can be said to be either very brave or very stupid. I’m gonna say FUCKING stupid.

That's right, leave your daughter behind and go commit suicide. In an ugly machine. Asshat.


Slightly More Serious Thoughts


It seems that the UE’s base is in a place called Eden, the name of some shit or another in the bible. Or something. When you combine that with their dark cloaks, masked-man-Char-clone-number-826, and general cultish behavior, it seems that they are a religious cult that hails the appearance of Newtypes like that Desil brat. Logically Yurin would be seen as part of them, but she’s so cute. If she really is…. THEN WHERE DO I SIGN UP I’LL THROW AWAY THE FEDERATION IF I HAVE TO! I still hold the technological dominance theory, but recent events have presented challenges to the theory. Why did they have to commission the custom mobile suit maker to make some of their stuff? It risks having their technology leaked out. What causes it to become a necessity anyways? And why did Yark Dole, who I assume to be the Char Clone, sell mobile suit designs to the two factions? Granted, what that old chibi said were “advanced mobile suit designs” were just rusty Zaku lookalikes.

Armpit shot. Like a Reimu.

It’s also weird how Desil, who seems to be communicating with the people in the Gafran, had no problem shooting them in the chest with the DODS rifle. Or maybe they’re unmanned, which is why they can destroy fallen comrades so easily. People also say Yurin is the pilot of the downed Gafran, but that one was pretty much blown up. You’d think people would notice such a cute loli running away from the Gafran’s remains. Also, if they’re unmanned then why did she have to be in the colony at all? Well maybe the cult is okay with killing people who fail at their missions.

Age System

The Age System cooked up something big again, which is pretty much a Deus Ex Machina. Although like I stated in my previous post the Age System is a realistic idea, as a plot device it is something that is very hard to write correctly without making it over powered.

The Titus is a sudden leap in Gundam performance, but we can be pretty sure the Age System is going to lie dormant until it reveals the next armament pack, the high mobility Sparrow. Since the Age System only made the DODS Rifle which is the Gundam’s primary weapon, and stayed still until this armament pack, I think the Age System isn’t going to be used much in this show but just a new way to introduce equipment packs, like SEED’s Strike. A shame, really, since if done well it can make for a very interesting story.


Since this show is going to be the span of 3 generations, they should be careful with their pacing to not have to stuff a lot of things in a small space, so they have to be very efficient with what they have. This feud between the two Fardain factions took 3 episodes to resolve, and is very simple and doesn’t contribute to the plot. It’s more of a side story, with the only significant developments the Titus armament and a slight reveal about Yark Dole.

The name's Maxter. Gundam Maxter.

I’m sure someone in the production team thinks throwing away past grudges to unite against a common enemy is important, but they shouldn’t have spent so much time on it.

It’s a small side story, though I guess they’ll probably have an ass-pull with the two Fardain forces coming in to save Flit some time down the road at the last minute Deus Ex Machina style and be all “WE LEARNED TO THROW AWAY OUR DIFFERENCES” and shit.

Fight Directing 

The UE are supposed to be merciless and dangerous, but all I see are a bunch of clumsy fucks. The direction of the fights really suffers, as they try to have “dramatic” scenes where someone almost gets killed so someone else can help them. This is also an effect of the slow pacing, trying to stretch the ridiculous Fardain arc over 3 episodes. You end up having the UE just standing around, slowly walking around with a lousy machine gun, and kicking mobile suits.

Merciless Mobile Suit Fighting: You're doing it wrong.

That’s not what you do when you’re merciless, when you’re merciless you use your fucking cannons and beam sabers, quickly kill everyone and get out before the corpses stop bleeding. that scene with the Baqto and Largan really bugs me, the Baqto is just holding him and taking its sweet ass time charging its chest cannon, giving Flit plenty of time to get refitted and come back with the Age-1 Titus. Dude, you’re already holding him, just step on him or slice him with a beam saber or something. It’s not just the UE that acts like brainless fucks, Flit and Wolf spend too much time dawdling around. When the Baqto in the city had a hold on the two Fardain suits, Flit rams his shoulder into it, then goes into a hug with it. We see him later destroying the suit with beam blades fired from his shoulder, so WHY DIDN’T HE USE THAT WEAPON THE FIRST TIME HE RAMMED INTO IT?!?!?!?!?

And Wolf, you’re in a battle with people’s live at risk, SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR BLODDY G-EXES AND JUST SLICE THE ENEMY ALREADY!

But it’s just a kid’s show!

Yes, it is, but that doesn’t mean it has to suck. That doesn’t mean it has to use cliches and cheesy dialogue. It can be well executed, yet still appeal to the young audience. Well, at least it’s better than Guilty Crown.

Personal Opinion

Do I hate Gundam AGE? Absolutely not, I love watching it. Despite its drawbacks and stupid enemy, it is still a good show. The cheesiness can be fun at times, and does make the show enjoyable. And let’s face it, even with the UE being lame, it’s still fun watching the Gundam beat them into pulp. Also, Yurinnnnnnnnn~<3<3<3<3<3 L! O! V! E! Love love~

This hand of mine glows with an AWESOME POWAAAARRRRR! It's burning grip is telling me to defeat you! TAKE THIS! My age, my AGE System, and ALL OF MY LOLIS! SHINIIIINNGGGGGG BRACELET!

I.... am really okay with this ship!

Ah~~~ Yurin~~~~~~

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2 thoughts on “Gundam AGE 5-8: The Name’s Maxter. Gundam Maxter.

  1. OH NOES EDEN! Must be something deep and meaningful? LOL Naw more like we need something cool to use…let’s go with that guys. I like the melee mode for the AGE, even thou that episode was lulz just because Flint kicked ass so easily! And Wolfe’s new machine? Damn it really looks awesome. I wonder what the deal was with the mechanic guy and those other suits? Is he building some secret models xD

    I like the Yurin artwork very nice, I should do a drawing of her sometime….

    • Yeah, the G-Exes is probably the coolest machine in the whole series XD

      Yeah I wonder about the mechanic too, the model in the hangar is the Zedas though, it showed up in second episode.

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