12 Days of Anime, Day 1: Twitter and SCCSAV

Okay, I cheated and this isn’t a post about an anime, but it’s a post about changes in my EXPERIENCE to anime. This just has to be the first of my 12 Days of Anime series, since its the most important anime-related thing to happen to me this year – heck, my whole life. Prior to this year, I didn’t have anyone to talk to with regards to anime, except on facebook with a few friends – who don’t watch anime as much as they used to in high school. Then I stumbled across a few anime blogs, followed some writers on twitter, and became a part of #SCCSAV.

Obligatory slightly-related-to-subject Touhou Picture

Having people to talk to really changes the entire experience of watching anime, as you notice things you wouldn’t have noticed by yourself. It’s also fun to engage in speculation and anticipation, and share thoughts ideas and random fanwork. Being able to talk about it makes everything different, especially when the people in my college are lame -_-“

With SCCSAV (Standing Committee for the Coordination of Simultaneous Anime Viewing) also came the new experience of watching anime simultaneous with others on Skype, another awesome thing. I remember my first SCCSAV watch was with Vuc, watching the first two episodes of Haibane Renmei (oh right, I need to continue watching that). Another memorable watch was SDF Macross, with a group of us singing MAAAACCCCRRRROOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS completely out of sync XD now Weekend Cracktastic Mecha Fangirling is replaced with YOU GET TO BURNING Martian Successor Nadesico.

Of course, can’t have a SCCSAV post without mentioning Saturday Night Karaoke! First song I sung there was Complication, Durarara!’s second OP. Yes, I consider screaming anime songs at the top of your lungs to people in teamspeak to be a VALUABLE experience to anime =).

Also important? Late night pervchat on Twitter .

On a more serious note, Twitter and all you guys changed my life, and I’m extremely thankful.

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21 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime, Day 1: Twitter and SCCSAV

  1. I used to have a couple of friends that watched anime with me but they both moved to Florida! They didn’t know each other at all but both affected my anime viewing. I have now taken to reading anime blogs like you did to find other individuals who love watching anime as I do.

    • You’re already on twitter you dreamer you =P

      But yeah, how about watching Nadesico with us on Sunday? We’re watching ep 7, so you’ll have to catch up with 1-6 first. Oh, and you have to learn the OP so YOU GET TO BURNING with us completely out of sync XD

  2. Technically, you’re not really cheating as this is a post related to anime, like this guy for example, “Of Hiatuses and Early New Year Resolutions”, he wrote about his experience just as you did; so as he said, don’t become a blogger(who blogs and is stressed out and ended not watching anime), keep being an anime fan and write up those posts the way you like :D

  3. Horraaayy Anya! I can share in the love of the sccsav! I remember when I saw Vuc talking about meeting people online to chat and I joined when they used tinychat and then we all merged onto Skype. Good times! At the time I only met people through their blogs randomly leaving comments here and there, but now I can put a voice to an avatar or twitter profile.

    While I have not done a lot of Karaoke I high five anyone that does it! I just don’t like to sing because 10 to 1 odds I always have another person in the room…or parents? LOL I do record the Metanorn podcasts with them in the same room…that always gets odd >.>;;

    Anyway! Great post :D

  4. I’ve grown to really enjoy the format of SCCSAV with the three things I ran this year (Iyashikei Sun/Mon-days and Kino no Tabi). It’s like an anime club, but you’re not constrained into what anime you’re watching and can readily find some group that you’ll like. It’s been a great year meeting everyone through this organization.

    • O_O HOLY CRAP I can’t even begin to imagine what that would be like *0* I marathoned those by myself. Definitely ping me next time you guys are gonna do something like that XD

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