Smile Precure 03: When You Just Need A Little Push

Yayoi is shy and easily embarrassed, but she also carries a bubbly energetic atmosphere around her. Part of it might be due to her bright yellow hair, but a lot of it can be attributed to her cute smiles and the energy that radiates out from her embarrassed reactions. It’s as if all the energy she saved by being shy and reserved is let out in a cute burst. I’m glad to see that they didn’t overdo her crybaby tendencies, and they’re just enough to make you think she’s cute and not too much that you feel like punching her in the face.

Becoming the third Precure, Cure Peace runs away and trips over a stone like most Precure initiations though Cure Blossom still holds the award for Dumbest First Battle. She still manages to pull through and kill – I’m sorry, I mean “purify” – the Akanbe with a lightning beam, with all the best reaction faces. 

Cure Happy gives her approval of cuteness.

There’s one moment that really resonates with me in this episode, and that is how Yayoi was too shy and lacks the confidence to make the poster and needed a little push from Miyuki and Akane – specifically the moment she was about to be pulled out by Akane.

Those two had nominated her for the job, and she decided to accept it. Afterwards she shows them the other people in the school who have a lot of artistic talent, stating that she can never compete with them. 

Akane saw how concerned she was and was going to withdraw her out but Yayoi becomes startled and wants to tell her not to do that. Deep down she wants to make a poster, but she’s too unsure of herself. Miyuki notices the reaction, stops Akane and encourages Yayoi to do it. Yayoi eventually pulls through with the help of the others, and makes the fabulous Clean Peace Man poster.

I say that this part resonates with me because sometimes I feel this way too. Some people are confident in themselves and can pull through with their work, some people need friends to push them. I fall in the latter category most of the time. There are many things I want to do but can’t, either because I don’t have the confidence for it, don’t feel like it would make a difference if whether I did it, or some other reason. Sometimes I want guidance and advice, sometimes I just need someone to tell me to shut up and work.

That’s why I like this episode, though it does have its other fabulous moments. On a related note, the guy who won the poster competition is such a douchebag plus his poster is UGLY.

There were a lot of great reaction faces, and Cure Peace’s transformation is just so cute!

See you next time! 

Yes… see you next time… ufufufufufufufu.

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