Smile Precure 04: Banchou!

Nao-banchou-sama! Krizzly was hyped about this character since before the show started airing, because she’s voiced by Marina Inoue (Yozora of Haganai). She was my second favorite Cure in this series judging from the character profiles and descriptions, but things might get shuffled around next episode when Reika (Cure Beauty, my favorite Cure based on descriptions) gets her featured episode. 

Called Banchou (boss) by Akane, the description fits Nao really well. She already shows off her banchou-ness in the beginning of the episode by telling off two upperclassmen… like a boss. Nao is confident in herself, and as a star athlete she can outrun anyone on the soccer field. At first glance she seems like the type of character that would be serious, but she is rather carefree and plays around a lot – probably due in no small part to having to take care of and play with 5 younger siblings.

After this episode, I can see why Krizzly was excited for her VA. Marina Inoue pulls off Nao’s confidence really well, stressing her voice at times but sounding cheerful at others. Her voice is definitely great in this show, and its nice to hear her voice someone that isn’t a complete bitch like Yozora.

Yes, Miyuki, it is fate. NOW KISS!

I like Nao as Cure March too, though I have my reservations about those two blobs of hair that frame her face. They just feel… off to me, and I’m not really a fan of her forehead-band either. It kind of makes her look a bit macho in some scenes. Her speed multiplies as a Cure, which was hard for her to control at first but she was able to use it to run straight up a wall and launch herself high into the air. It’ll be interesting if each of the Cures have a tactical advantage and use them together to plan attacks, but looking at the other three Cures I doubt it’ll happen. Her special power, the March Shoot, doesn’t seem to have any different effects from the other Cure’s finishing moves apart from making your mouth minty fresh and free of germs. But I can dream, right?

You know a character is badass when she crashes into a concrete bridge at high speed, then walks away as if nothing happened.

Overall this was another fun episode, and admittedly I laughed at the dumb rock paper scissors joke.

And of course it won’t be a Smile episode if something doesn’t happen to Miyuki.

The next episode should be out soon, considering how long it took me to write this post. Two college papers back to back is not fun.

Reika/Cure Beauty will finally make an appearance next episode. Prepare for all my kyaa and all my hngh!

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3 thoughts on “Smile Precure 04: Banchou!

  1. March is awesome! I love the bright green outfit and the hair! Oh man that is some fantastic hair style and voiced by the popular Marina Inoue? Perfect! I hear a lot of Yozora when she starts to shout or when things get super exciting.

    Cure beauty was good too! You are going to enjoy that Anya ;D

  2. I’m also looking forward to March’s combat potential given her super speed, but having finally commented on this post several weeks after the fact, I’m still waiting for my beat-em-up action scenes.

    Are you reading this Toei? I understand that you spent a crapton of budget on the All-Stars movie so I’ll let the first few episodes slide, but from this point onwards, I want a little bit more BAM! ZOOM! in my fights, got it?

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