About the Blog and Author

The Blog

Welcome to Forty-Four Fennecs!

This blog is centered around anime, but since I sometimes go on random whims there’s a bunch of other stuff jumbled in.

On the anime side of things I’m currently blogging Smile Precure, and occasionally will post a review or random reaction to something else I watched.

I sometimes review Gunpla and write guides, though that tends to have a lower priority.

Once in a while I’ll post an essay for college that I think is interesting, just for the heck of it.

I’m considering posting writing snippets, idea ramblings, and chicken-scratch attempts at character drawings for the novel I’m working on, though I’m worried about the blog becoming overly cluttered.

The Author

My name is Anya, and I’m a nocturnal cynical atheical hikkikomori yandere trap that somehow through a weird twist wound up majoring in Political Science.

My taste in anime is pretty wide, but mostly I like to watch things that have a decent plot line and a lot of comedy. I also like shows that have a happy atmosphere, though it isn’t a requirement. I love mecha shows, and am a big fan of Gundam.

I’m in the beginning of writing a novel, though I’m not able to work on it as much as I would like while college is ongoing. No idea how it’ll work out, but hey, might as well try!

I’m active on twitter, you can follow me @anya_fennec or on Google+. You can also email me at anya.fennec@gmail.com

All writing on this blog is mine, unless stated otherwise.
Images and videos that aren’t comics or photographs that I took, however are NOT mine unless stated so.
Screenshots belong to the creators of their respective shows. Fanart belongs to their respective artists, though due to the nature of imageboards and sharing it is often impossible for me to track down and cite the original source and/or artist of an image. Headers are often screenshots.

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