Attack On Titan Season 2 Release Date and Predictions

Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Spoilers, Predictions: Eren Vs. Beast Titan, Clash Of Titan Arc Commences! Eren’s New Ability Introduced

Attack on Titan Season 2

Photo By: Funimation

“Attack on Titan” Season 2 is yet to come soon in small screens nationwide. Yet, spoilers and predictions have become rampant on what the series’ would showcase. Warning for those who haven’t read the manga yet, is that this article contains heavy spoilers about Survey Corps’ future battles.

Moving on, “Attack On Titan” Season 2 predictions includes the last part cliffhanger of Season 1. It was speculated that the anime would pick off where it left in the first installment. With Survey Corps discovering other Titans on the Wall’s other side, battles would still emerge to free humanity. Hence, the “Clash of Titans” arc and the “Uprising” arc is guessed to be featured on the second franchise per Inquisitr.

Speaking of “Attack On Titan” Clash of Titans arc, after Eren Yeager had beaten the Female and Armored Titan in its first season, another is set to deal with him. The new titan introduced in Season 2 then goes by the name Beast Titan. Wall Rose is then mentioned to be attacked by it, so Survey Corps once again would venture out to protect humankind.

What’s more is that in “Attack On Titan” 2’s Clash of Titans arc, a new power would be discovered named “Coordinate.” Coordinate was then known to be Founding Titan. The power is currently in Eren’s possession. The special ability’s description is said to have control over Titans. Memories held by previous owners were also received and controlled by the current possessor. Thus, Founding Titan is referred to as an “invisible power” and its user as “God” amid still not knowing its limits as detailed in Wiki A.

In the other half of “Attack On Titan” Season 2, the “Uprising Arc” is identified to carry on a heavy plot for some readers and would have many revelations on Wall Sina’s ruling class. Centered in this arc is one of the most famous AOT characters, Captain Kenny “The Ripper” Ackerman. Kenny and the Survey Corps is said to have a clash in the Uprising Arc. Moreover, disturbing images were seen on the arc’s manga version so its anime is expected to have the same as well.

With all that spoiled based on “Attack On Titan” Season 2’s manga, fans could expect more on the Survey Corps comeback. Comic Book reported that Chief director Araki Tetsuro alongside director Koizuka Masashi had a planned a brand new content to be shown in the anime. Tetsuro then further mentioned that manga creator Hajime Isayama allowed them to incorporate contents that Isayama didn’t include in the manga. This would indeed hype up fans in the upcoming release of “Attack on Titan” Season 2.

Furthermore, “Attack On Titan” Season 2 showrunners had also revealed that aside from the series centering in characters Levi, Mikasa and Eren, the second season would take a turn in introducing focal point in their characters. Ymir or Krista is then mentioned by both to have a spotlight in the upcoming season as shown in Araki’s interview on Crunchy Roll.

Rest assured, fans could prep up their internet speed to watch Attack On Titan Season 2 as it airs this April 1.

[Touhou Video] Beyond that Door – What Does it Mean to Grow Up?

I found this video to be touching. Beyond that Door is a song by RD-Sounds based on Alice Margatroid‘s theme songs from the Touhou game Mystic Square. The lyrics and the video tell the story of Alice as a kid, when everyone around her tells her to grow up – however, when none of them can answer her when she asked what it really means. Which is understandable, how does one really explain what it means to grow up? How many people actually know what it means to grow up? Is there really a clear distinction in being an adult? Alice tries to think about it herself, but she couldn’t find the answer. In the end, Shinki (whom many in the Touhou fandom believe to be Alice’s mother, although there is no official word) gives her the key to the door and sets her off on a journey to find the answer for herself.

As a college student on the borderline between a teenager and an adult, this resonates with me a lot. I’ve said many times that I’m not ready to be an adult at all. It’s scary. As for what being an adult means, I agree that in the end we find our own answer and I think I’ve found mine. Being an adult doesn’t mean to stop having fun, or to give up odd hobbies or act a certain way. It means being responsible and self-reliant enough to set goals for yourself and work towards them without imposing too much on others. It means to be able to survive by yourself – you can rely on others sometimes, but not too much – and still being able to be happy with your life. At least, that’s what I think it means. I’m still not an adult yet, far from it. But I know I need to become one pretty soon.

The video itself is drawn and animated in a simple style, which I think is fitting because the message it’s giving is a simple and nearly universal one, yet has a heavy meaning to it. I love the music too. The simple piano notes at the beginning give off a sense of innocence, like a child that still doesn’t know what is out there in the world. The steady beat that comes up and coincides with Alice running gives the feeling of starting an adventure, before the other instruments come into play and the vocals take on a more upbeat style as the wonders of the greater world are discovered. The music feels really grand at the end where Alice leaves, and made me tear up with a mixture of happiness, wonder, awe, and a little hint of sadness.

I really enjoyed this video and song, and I hope you did too.

For those unfamiliar with Touhou, there are two distinct “era”s of the games – the PC-98 era (Touhou 1-5) and the Windows era (Touhou 6 and onwards), and canon isn’t continuous between the two though there are some overlaps. In PC-98 Alice appears as a small child, and the characters you see with her in the beginning are from that era. In the Windows era she appears as a grown woman, and the characters seen after she steps out the door are from this era and are characters she will meet.

How I Learned Hiragana and Katakana in a Few Hours

This quarter I finally bit and taking Japanese 101, despite the 8:30 class time. When we were starting out with the hiragana we had to write them in a workbook, learning a few characters a day. I didn’t remember jackshit about which character is which or what something is supposed to look like – writing the same character over and over isn’t effective at all (at least for me it wasn’t, I have a really bad memory), except ‘ki’ for some reason. Probably because I kept saying kikikikikikikikikikikiki as I wrote each line. A random string of characters would work better.

Which leads me to songs! About the only things that are regularly translated to romaji are lyrics since everything else is directly translated into English for the people who don’t know Japanese and the ones who do know Japanese can read in the original kanji/hiragana/etc. But songs are for singing so you need to know how they’re said, hence the giant surplus of romaji that’s in relatively random (for this purpose) order.

I went ahead and grabbed the lyrics for Sousei no Aquarion in romaji and transcribed them into hiragana.

Update: I used this method when we had to learn katakana, and it worked like a charm just like it did with hiragana. I don’t have trouble distinguishing between them or recalling the right character either.

Keep looking back at a hiragana chart when you find a word you don’t recognize, transcribe more, look back, transcribe, and keep going. You don’t have to worry about messing up the rules (like using the ‘ha’ character for the ‘wa’ particle instead of the ‘wa’ character) because the purpose is just to practice hiragana. Bonus points for stalking a TA to ask them how to spell words like ‘matta’ or ‘nyaa’ and learning some extra rules of hiragana before the rest of the class.

By the time I was done with the song, which only took a few hours (and it was actually FUN for me) I learned all the hiragana in the alphabet. Other students kept using flashcards and only did the characters that were assigned for homework each time, and took weeks to learn the hiragana and be fluent enough. With this method, all it took was one song, and before a quiz, I would just pull up the lyrics for another song to transcribe for review and just to make sure I didn’t forget something.

If you’re just starting out with learning Japanese, either in a class or by yourself, give this a try! (I probably should’ve published this closer to the beginning of the school year, but you know, procrastination and laziness).

I Scream: Oreki Houtarou in Sekitani Jun’s Footsteps

Hyouka had one of the most interesting mysteries I’ve seen in a while, and the visual direction of the revelations and analysis were beautiful. I really liked how the final result made sense. It’s a compelling story of a Sekitani Jun who took on the burden to lead the student body against the school authorities and was the only one to ‘scream’ out. Because he was the only one to do so, he was the only one that was sacrificed unwillingly and forced to leave the school.

The story is even more compelling when you think about how there are the protests of OWS and the Arab Spring going on, though the stakes at hand and the sacrifices are far larger. Sekitani is a very mild version of the street vendor who set himself on fire, the sacrifice that sparked the people of the middle east to oppose their regimes.

Although it takes place in a school and the sacrifice is the only expulsion, Sekitani’s story gives the same message: under oppression, someone has to act, but because of the costs of doing so the vast majority will prefer to live in safety. Having a school setting for this story probably makes it more relatable to the viewers, and more likely to make them actually think about it in terms of their own life.

Now that the mystery is solved, the real story begins. I think that Sekitani Jun’s story is the foreshadowing of Oreki Houtarou’s life. Oreki has been set up to follow in Sekitani’s footsteps by his sister.

Oreki talks a lot about not wanting to do anything, and keep on living a gray-colored life. But Sekitani also had a gray-colored life before he was coerced into rising up as the leader, and sacrificed as a hero.

What will be the oppression that Oreki has to scream against? Would it be the school government again, or possibly a larger authority or issue?

But most importantly, I wonder what the circumstances of Oreki’s heroics will be. Will he be sacrificed against his will, forced by the inaction of the masses, or will he willingly do so and live a rose-colored life?

Happy Mother’s Day! Mothers in Anime

Apparently, it’s mother’s day in the U.S. and some other countries. So mom, if you see this, then I guess Happy Mother’s Day from another country?

A motherly relationship, whether the characters are actually related by blood or not, is one of my favorite types of character relationships – even more so after the conception of the character Aoi in my novel. The relationship is one that I don’t really know how to define, I guess a character that takes care of another, either in raising or with emotional issues? An advice giver? It’s a relationship that just “feels” motherly to me. There aren’t really any constraints. The relationship can “feel” that way to me even if they’re not related by blood, even if the age gap between them isn’t significant, even if the “daughter” character is completely capable of taking care of herself.


Unfortunately, parents are often missing/abroad/perpetually-at-work/dead in anime and manga, or are just furniture for the background and don’t have much involvement, likely because:

1. Most parents won’t let their children do the stupid shit we see so often, or

2. Since parents are a restraining force, stories targeted at a younger audience show a life that is free from the parents.

I’m always looking for examples to help me with accurately portraying the dynamic between Aoi and Flan, so if you have any anime/manga suggestions please send them to me!

Some examples of mother characters and/or motherly relationships from anime that I liked (imperfect list, since I have a bad memory and my anime harddrive went kaput):

Zetman – Akemi

Akemi was the reason I really liked Zetman when I first saw it. She took Jin in after his guardian died, and taught him about death, warmth and hope. The part where she took him in and the part at the end of the first episode where he found her alive in the hospital were both really emotional moments for me. Unfortunately he’s forbidden from seeing her after he decided to train to become Zet, since she might become a potential target for his enemies. Really sucks, now we rarely get to see her – and I’m pretty damn sure she’ll be targeted later anyways.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – Yoriko

This is a show that includes a silver-haired moe cthulu god, a RED HAIRED FUNNEL-WIELDING FIRE-USING HORNY LESBIAN (!!!!!!!!!!), A SUPER CUTE TRAP (!!!!!!!!!), and my favorite character ends up being the MOTHER. WHYYYYY?!?! I dunno, though she’s pretty badass with her forks. She just started appearing, so the relationship between her and her son aren’t shown often. I guess I like her because she gives off a cute-yet-mature calming feeling?

Mouretsu Pirates – Ririka

Ririka and Marika don’t seem that close, and Marika even calls her by her name instead of as mother most of the time. It seems to me that Ririka cares a lot about Marika in her own way, but isn’t able to express them in a normal manner. I suspect that having to work to make ends meet as a single parent raising a child (I assume the father didn’t return often considering how Marika didn’t know that he was a pirate) lead to the gap in between them. She still provides guidance and advice to Marika, teaching her to fire huge beam weapons (BADASS) and watching over her from a distance.

Puella Magic Madoka Magica – Junko

The late night talk between Madoka and Junko is one of the best scenes, IMO. Junko is a strong independent woman, and she taught Madoka that the world isn’t all candy and rainbows. It sucks, and sometimes you’re gonna have to do some sucky things to get through it. It’s very evident how much she cares about Madoka, and was rather heartbreaking when she had memories of Madoka erased.

Precure Franchise

The Precure franchise has many good episodes that center around the mother, but apart from that they’re usually gone from the series. Those episodes are golden though (Smile Precure just had a mother’s day episode but I didn’t watch it yet because I… sort of dropped/put the series on hold…). Hibiki’s mother in Suite Precure spent most of her time abroad, and quickly came back to watch her daughter’s piano performance. They were able to spend some time together before she had to leave again, and Hibiki put on a strong face and smile so that she wouldn’t worry about her. Before they had to separate, Hibiki asked to be selfish for a moment to hug and cry about how much she misses her mother. It was a very touching moment, and I wish I had a screenshot but URGH STUPID HARDDRIVE.

Heartcatch Precure’s Mother’s Day episode involved a girl in the same class as Tsubomi and Erika, who lost her mother at an early age and has to take care of her younger sister. She takes on both the roles of an older sister and a mother, which really puts a strain on her since she also misses their mother but has to be strong about it. In that episode she breaks down and rampages around as a Desertarian (the monster-of-the-week), and in her tantrum her sister begins to appreciate just how much she did for her.




Now it’s nearly midnight and I have an assignment due tomorrow that I haven’t started yet. Welp. Need to collect a bunch of reliable sources about arms sales and nuclear proliferation.

Sai Mecha 2012 Nominations!

It’s time for Sai Mecha again! What is Sai Mecha, you ask? It’s a tournament where we nominate our favorite mechs and they fight, and they fight, AND THEY FIGHT UNTIL THERE IS ONLY ONE LEFT STANDING! Submit your nominations of 10 mechs by following the instructions in that link! It’s due by tomorrow (April 29), but you only need to choose a few mechs and don’t have to make a whole post like me. Even if you don’t nominate your favorite mechs in time, you can still vote in the polls to advance the robots you love!

These are my AWESOME mecha nominees!

RX-78GPo3D Dendrobium (Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories)

The monster designed for AREA DOMINANCE is composed of two units, the Stamen mobile suit and the Orchis weapons platform. It has a fuckton of missiles, and when it launches all of its weapons its like Danmaku in space. Think Touhou girls have the most firepower? WRONG! Watch this short video of Gundam Evolve 4 featuring the Dendrobium, it’ll be the coolest thing you see all day.


The Dendrobium is my favorite thing to come out of Gundam. Ever.  NOMINATE AND VOTE FOR IT!

NZ-666 Kshatriya (Gundam Unicorn)

It’s big and bulky but still BADASS. Nicknamed the quad-wing for obvious reasons, the Kshatriya has 24 mind-controlled funnels that fly around and rip apart the enemies. Any enemy lucky enough to survive the funnels will then have to deal with its Mega Particle Cannons at close range, its beam sabers, and its sheer BRUTE FORCE!

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Gundam Unicorn)

Think your funnels are so awesome? THINK AGAIN! The Unicorn’s Newtype-Destroyer system will take over their control and USE YOUR OWN WEAPONS AGAINST YOU! Watch this sexy red-white beast tear apart the Kshatriya in the third Gundam Unicorn movie!

So hot, I want to be her >.<

GF13-017NJII God Gundam (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

THESE HANDS OF MINE ARE BURNING RED! The upgrade to the Shining Gundam, the God Gundam is even more epic with its shielded hands, force multipliers and those six rods at the back that form a circle when it goes into full powered mode. It will stick its fingers into your dark places and HEAT END YOU! SEKIHA! LOVE LOVE TENKYOKEN!

RGM-96X Jesta (Gundam Unicorn)

You’ll see a lot of my entries come from Gundam Unicorn, and that’s because the series has some of the most beautiful mech designs. The Jesta is one of the most military-looking robots, and gives off a very SWAT/Special Forces feel. While the previous model Jegans (and even many mobile suits in the spotlight) had plain and boring leg parts, the Jesta’s legs have a lot of details that makes its entire design unique and menacing. It’s a part that’s often overlooked, but it’s really impressive when building the model kit. When I imagine the Devastators in my novel I tend to think of them as modified and shrunk Jestas in a way.

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)

BELIEVING A SIGN OF ZETA! It’s the titular suit of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, one of the best Gundam series out there. The Zeta Gundam was designed by its pilot Kamille Bidan (KAMILLE IS A MAN’S NAME!!!!) and is the first Gundam that can transform into a jet. Also it looks freakin awesome and he can LET DEAD NEWTYPES USE HIS BODY.

MSN-06S Sinanju (Gundam Unicorn)

This sexy motherfucker goes THREE TIMES AS FAST as normal mobile suits! Its head looks very menacing, and the “wings” of thrusters it has are so freakin awesome. Also, ALL THE RED! HELL YEAHHHHH!

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus (Gundam Unicorn)

This badass guy has the most awesome looking Waverider transformation mode of any Gundam ever. It actually looks like some of the modern military fighter jets.

The Master Grade model was very fun to build, though its joints are kind of weak and hard to pose without a stand. Also, unlike the ReZEL, it requires two parts to be added to turn into Waverider mode so I think of it as an imperfect transformation. It’s also sort of my “heartbreak Gunpla” since I was building it after getting rejected lol ^^”

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. (Code Geass R2)

Say what you want about Code Geass R2, I still loved the series and think it has a lot of awesome mechs. The Energy Wings on the Guren SEITEN are the coolest flight system of any mech, ever. Its right arm is a freakin claw that melts enemy suits with radiation bursts, and since it’s red it goes THREE TIMES AS FAST!

EX-5 Devastator (Sweets & Steel [temporary name])

It’s from my still-unfinished novel so it probably doesn’t count and will never be nominated by anyone else, BUT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT so here it is. Huge giant mechs are unpractical and only look cool, so the novel uses mecha exoskeleton suits. Think something like Iron Man, but bulkier and less hax-overpowered. Devastators are primarily armed with an electromagnetic railgun, and its secondary weapons can be swapped between a variety of machine guns, grenade launchers and close-ranged mass-impactors. They’re as fast as tanks, can leap long distances or jump on top of buildings, and can be very agile depending on the skill of the pilot. Of course, Flan works on their development and absolutely kicks ass in them XD.

So! What did you guys nominate for Sai Mecha? AND WHO DO YOU WANT TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP?!?!?!?!

[Story] Broken Angel

A (very late, everything I do is late nowadays) writing prompt from 2DT last week, “how the angel drowned my spark“. This time it’s using the characters from my novel again, taking place about half a year before the novel does (though the small part at the end is set during the novel). It’s told from Claribel’s point of view (though I’m not sure I’ll make it canon, not sure the mindset in this story fits with her character) and is related to a previous prompt, The Curse of the Reaper that was Flan’s backstory. 

Again, please read, enjoy, and leave some feedback!

I guess you could say I’m almost perfect.
My grades were always at the top without even trying, and my parents were always pleased with everything I did.
You can throw any sport at me and I’ll be pretty decent at it too.
I had a happy life, and whenever a little problem came up it would sort itself out somehow.
Until I joined Anaheim.

“The hell is this?! Doc said he found a good test pilot, but you’re no better than any of them.” The red haired demon yelled as she opened the hatch of my Devastator exoskeleton. She’s barely older than I am, yet I have to be her subordinate? And all these older people follow her perfectionist whims.
“It just tipped over-”
“Of course it’s gonna tip over if you land clumsily like that!”
I hated this bitch. Who the hell does she think she is? I’m in a freaking hunk of metal and she expects me to dance around like a ballerina?
“Why don’t you give it a try then?!” I wish I never said that. She quickly slid and inserted her limbs into the mecha’s slots, settling in behind the closing hatches. In a blink she had darted off across the field, unpredictably switching directions with each step. The gun roared, and a paint bullet striked the target. She jumped around a few times, painting a dot on each target. It was as if the heavy exoskeleton was all a natural extension to her body.
She had humiliated me in front of all the engineers on the field. It didn’t matter that it was my own retort, I hated her for being so damn perfect.
I hated how the angel drowned my spark.

After talking with a few engineers, it turned out that I was actually a part of a very small minority that hated her. Most of them had a lot of respect for her. The genius that took over her father’s division three years ago, completed the electromagnetic railguns and refined the Devastators to a point that they were useable on the battlefield.
She was always all about business, and demanding to the point of being called the Scarlet Reaper. I heard there was a deeper meaning behind the Reaper name, but I didn’t care. I hated her guts.
One day I became careless and let my thoughts about her slip in front of a colleague.
“She’s far from perfect.” he said. “In a way, you can say that she’s broken. Time stopped for her. You know how soldiers that saw a lot of death have a distinct aura around them? Not even the most battle worn veterans come close to hers.”
What a bunch of crap.

A few weeks later, I saw her sitting alone with a knife in her hands. She wasn’t really doing anything with it, just… rubbing it, caressing it, twirling it around. There was a long scar on her left hand and arm – was that self-inflicted?
As I looked into her eyes, I was entranced. I started to understand what the engineer said. And I wondered. What affected this person? What was hidden in her past?
She noticed me, and for a moment our eyes connected. Through some unknown reflex, I felt something well up in my chest and had to run away. I broke down crying when I was alone. I wasn’t feeling sad, but I felt sad now. But it wasn’t my sadness. It was hers. The tears that were flowing out weren’t mine, but belonged to the girl who couldn’t cry anymore.
After that day, she didn’t seem perfect anymore. I wasn’t as intimidated, and she seemed almost human – just almost. She didn’t seem to have a heart.
I took an interest in her, and stuck to her closely. I wanted to observe her. I wanted to know more about her.




“Hi Aoi!” I said as I skipped into the shop.
“Oh hi Claribel!” Aoi replied.
I saw her sitting at the bar. Stretching out my arms, I ran to her. “Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-ack!” Her hand reached out to meet my face, stopping me from getting towards her.
“Why are you being so clingy again?” Flan asked.
“Aoiiiiii Flan’s being mean!”
“Come on Flan, let her cling to you once in a while.” Aoi giggled as she said so. “I know you like it!”
“What, no, I don-” Flan let her guard down, and I quickly went in to hug and cling on to her. She looked away as she resigned herself to her fate, and Aoi smiled her approval. Even if you say you’re the reaper, I’ll spark some life back into you, Flan.