How I Learned Hiragana and Katakana in a Few Hours

This quarter I finally bit and taking Japanese 101, despite the 8:30 class time. When we were starting out with the hiragana we had to write them in a workbook, learning a few characters a day. I didn’t remember jackshit about which character is which or what something is supposed to look like – writing the same character over and over isn’t effective at all (at least for me it wasn’t, I have a really bad memory), except ‘ki’ for some reason. Probably because I kept saying kikikikikikikikikikikiki as I wrote each line. A random string of characters would work better.

Which leads me to: songs! About the only things that are regularly translated to romaji are lyrics, since everything else is directly translated to English for the people who don’t know Japanese, and the ones who do know Japanese can read in the original kanji/hiragana/etc. But songs are for singing so you need to know how they’re said, hence the giant surplus of romaji that’s in relatively random (for this purpose) order.

I went ahead and grabbed the lyrics for Sousei no Aquarion in romaji and transcribed them into hiragana.

Update: I used this method when we had to learn katakana, and it worked like a charm just like it did with hiragana. I don’t have trouble distinguishing between them or recalling the right character either. Continue reading - 61902 onozuka_komachi scythe touhou

[Story] The Curse of the Reaper

This is a short story based on 2DT’s 300-500 word writing prompt, “explore in silent rhythm the curse”. I wrote it with characters from the story that I’m working on (if you follow me on twitter you probably heard me talk about it before), though since this is a quick write-up with a time and word limit I doubt it’ll make its way into the story without major changes. Maybe I’ll treat it as another backstory entity, like the backstory of Aoi and Megumi that I recently finished. I still can’t draw worth a crap, so the image is of Komachi from the Touhou Project. 
Anyways, please enjoy and tell me what you think! 

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Katawa Shoujo_13

Katawa Shoujo – Initial Review, And Hanako’s Good End [No Spoilers]

Katawa Shoujo is an Original English Language Visual Novel, started by a thread on 4chan and gained traction to become its own development project. It was released on January 4th 2012 for free, after 5 years of development. It is a wonderful example of how an online community of people with similar interests can come together to produce something, though from what I heard it had its own share of internal problems. Despite being in development for 5 years, I never heard of it until 2DT wrote a post about his brief involvement.


The story, without giving away too much, follows the main character Hisao who was hospitalized due to a heart attack from heart arrhythmia. Because his condition can worsen to become fatal, and he has to take a large amount of medication to stay alive, his doctor and family advise him to attend Yamaku High School for disabled children after he was discharged. Initially enraged and uncomfortable at suddenly becoming “abnormal” as well as having to get used to a new surrounding of different types of people at his new school, Hisao takes a while to adapt. After meeting the main female characters, you follow a route to pursue a girl based on decisions you make.  Continue reading


A Moonlit Fantasy – Jumping on the iM@S Shipping Bandwagon

In case you haven’t heard, this trend started off with a discussion abut favorite iDOLM@STER characters on twitter, which turned into shipping various people with various characters. This turned into 2DT‘s series of Idols in Love: The Blogosphere x The Idolm@ster where he picks various people to be shipped with different characters (part 1, part 2, part 3), which inspired Krizzlybear‘s Imaginary Dates where he tries a different approach by writing about himself going on a date with each of the characters to check how compatible he is with each of them (part 1, part 2).

Now in my twist of the trend, to be original I’m writing a longer detailed version of a theoretical date with just my favorite character Takane. Yup, this is going to be a delusional post about a ‘date’ with a 2D character. Written story-style (this is going to be so awkward writing about myself in third person) to make it different and unique from Krizzly’s posts, for SCIENCE!

This is going to be interesting, as I don’t really understand personalities (neither for 3D or 2D people, or even myself) so this might be totally wrong. And my perception of myself might be totally skewed (BOTH 2DT and Krizzly said I’d be most compatible with Ritsuko, which shocked me – they said I am hardworking but one of the first things I say when I describe myself is lazy!). Oh and I think I inherited a hidden playboy gene or something that seems to only activate around love interests and makes me instinctively ‘smoother’.  Let’s see how this goes, and whether it triggers CasanovAnya!

3… 2… 1… Reality, Disconnect! Continue reading

[KissSub]Lovely Complex - 04[9C06B80E]XviD[(017097)03-26-27]

Seiko-chan ~ Lovely Complex’s Portrayal of Traps and Transgenderism

Lovely Complex is definitely a great comedy show that is very sweet, but one of the things that struck me the most is its portrayal of the transgendered girl Kotobuki Seiko. Of all the shows I watched, LoveCom does it the best (though I haven’t watched Hourou Musuko yet so can’t compare that). Seiko-chan is my all time favorite trap! Continue reading


12 Days of Anime, Day 1: Twitter and SCCSAV

Okay, I cheated and this isn’t a post about an anime, but it’s a post about changes in my EXPERIENCE to anime. This just has to be the first of my 12 Days of Anime series, since its the most important anime-related thing to happen to me this year – heck, my whole life. Prior to this year, I didn’t have anyone to talk to with regards to anime, except on facebook with a few friends – who don’t watch anime as much as they used to in high school. Then I stumbled across a few anime blogs, followed some writers on twitter, and became a part of #SCCSAV.

Obligatory slightly-related-to-subject Touhou Picture

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