[Story] Broken Angel

A (very late, everything I do is late nowadays) writing prompt from 2DT last week, “how the angel drowned my spark“. This time it’s using the characters from my novel again, taking place about half a year before the novel does (though the small part at the end is set during the novel). It’s told from Claribel’s point of view (though I’m not sure I’ll make it canon, not sure the mindset in this story fits with her character) and is related to a previous prompt, The Curse of the Reaper that was Flan’s backstory. 

Again, please read, enjoy, and leave some feedback!

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[Story] Yin-Yang Couple, the Angel and the Devil

Another writing prompt from 2DT, this time “drink another between night & blue”! I decided to go for a different style this time. It’s a fantasy story, written in first person, which I’m not used to writing in >_< so apologies if it sounds weird! The pictures in this post are quick sketches I tried to make before the time limit of posting is up. Yes I know they suck.

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Konachan.com - 61902 onozuka_komachi scythe touhou

[Story] The Curse of the Reaper

This is a short story based on 2DT’s 300-500 word writing prompt, “explore in silent rhythm the curse”. I wrote it with characters from the story that I’m working on (if you follow me on twitter you probably heard me talk about it before), though since this is a quick write-up with a time and word limit I doubt it’ll make its way into the story without major changes. Maybe I’ll treat it as another backstory entity, like the backstory of Aoi and Megumi that I recently finished. I still can’t draw worth a crap, so the image is of Komachi from the Touhou Project. 
Anyways, please enjoy and tell me what you think! 

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