Spring 2012: Combined Impressions

Bang. Oh Koko you quirky psychotic batshit insane white haired arms dealer, I love you.


This is probably my favorite show out of all the ones that begin this season. I mean, Koko is just fucking awesome. She’s a cold blooded arms dealer traveling with a gang of soldiers, and picked up an orphaned child soldier who lost his parents because of arms dealers. The dynamic between these two is interesting, a weird mix of sister-brother, commander-soldier, revenge-redemption relations. She’s incredibly confident in her ability to read the boy, enough to go in a car full of weapons alone with him despite knowing that he loathes arms dealers. The time she told him that she’ll teach him to love guns is interesting too. The other characters also have their own quirks, and I also like the knife wielding yandere with an eye patch who has the serious hots for Koko. There’s also the group of soldiers whose eyes went completely insane with excitement when Koko told them to go hunt… kyaaa~. There’s a lot the show has to offer, with a lot of different factions with conflicting goals and a crapton of military hardware (AN F-22 AND A MIG-29 SHOWED UP UWAAAA), but the awesome ragtag band gathered around Koko are what the show is all about.

Coincidentally, apart from her hair, Koko is very similar to my character Flan. Especially those eyes.


Zetman is an interesting dark superhero show, and raises questions about justice and what is right. Save the children with a high chance of success and leave the mother behind, or risk them all dying for the chance that they will all survive? Prioritize catching the culprit or saving victims? The world has a very dark mood to it, and the first episode made me tear up twice. I really like the woman that took ZET in, though after the second ep I wonder what will happen to her…

Definitely following this anime, not sure if I want to read the manga now or after the anime finishes airing though.

Accel World

Stupid piece of shit pig MC. It only took a few minutes for me to hate his guts, though he does force a rather ugly look of myself. Maybe I’ll write more on that later – for the show itself, the world it builds is pretty intriguing and it caught my interest on what the details of the Accelerated World will be. Will keep watching for now.

Acchi Kochi

It’s cute and sweet, but I get bored of tsundere characters easily. It’s also very obvious to everyone, the male lead too unless he’s a stupid fuck, that the girl likes him. Makes me wonder about what exactly is their relationship, though I guess I’ll just watch the cute stuff without thinking too much about it. The show gets rather slow and boring at some parts though.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

MOE CHTULU MYTHOS GOD! This anime had the most simultaneously bloody, badass, and MOE opening scene I’ve ever seen. Nyaruko is unbelievably cute, and does a lot of funny hyperactive things that makes this show with a weird premise incredibly awesome and FULL OF WIN.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD

It’s stupid and funny, like the first season. However, one thing is different. WE HAVE A CUTE PINK ASYMMETRICAL HAIRED LOLI!

Kuro Majo-san ga Tooru!!

Short low-budget show about a kid that accidentally summons a black witch, and being trained by her. Very boring, not going to keep watching it.

Lupin III : Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

I never watched any of the other Lupin III stuff before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I dove in (apart from nipples. Twitter went crazy over the nipples.) The show has a very…. not sure what word to use, classic? retro? OLD-PEOPLE? feel to it. It’s a good thing, and the unique art style is a plus. It’s exciting and keeps me on edge throughout the episode, but is also very exhausting to me. It’s great, but I probably won’t watch it if I’m feeling stressed out or need to relax. Save it for times with low workloads! Though since I’m writing a story I always have stuff I need to do even when the classes start to let up…

Medaka Box

Medaka’s naivety and extreme good-ness really pisses me off. The show is stupid, but it does have a few moments that made me laugh a bit. Maybe I’ll keep watching it, it’s good for blowing up your brains and forgetting everything.

Natsuiro Kiseki


Nazo no Kanojo X

This is one hell of a weird show, and that time when the guy first tasted the girl’s drool gave me a very violent gut reaction and I nearly threw up. As in, I was coughing and heaving while trying to hold my stomach acid down from flooding up through my throat. The other times didn’t have that gag reflex though, so I guess it’s not gross if he does it with her consent? My mind is weird. Drool aside, Nazo no Kanojo X is fun. I’m not quite sure what about it makes me like it, but I do.

Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side A

It’s a sidestory of Saki, which I loved, so I’ll definitely be watching it. The first was just introducing the characters so nothing really happened yet, but I’m waiting for the ton of yuri that’s sure to come.


Another show that I really like. The visuals are great and feel a bit SHAFT-ish, and the MC and Sanka Rea are pretty cute together. Rea has a few of the common rich girl problems of not being free, and her father takes naked pictures of her on her birthday and  molests her or something. It’s not clear from the ep and I didn’t read the manga, but something seems to have driven her to kill herself. I really want to see how she ‘lives’ after being resurrected as a zombie, and whether she’ll stay with the MC and hide from society or try to blend in. Maybe I should just read the manga, but I’m not sure if I want to spoil myself on it before the anime ends.

Sengoku Collection

This was… rather stupid, it’s a typical random-girl-from-different-universe/environment/species/whatever-adjusts-to-normal-life kind of thing. Her being Nobunaga or whatever his name was doesn’t show up most of the time. At the end they did reveal that the various trapped-in-wrong-dimension people will have to duke it out to steal energy to travel back, so it might become more interesting later. Some of the other girls’ designs were cute, so I’ll at least stick around to see that.

Shirokuma Cafe / NICHIBEARS

Boring. I really don’t see what others on twitter are seeing in this show.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

This one’s also very cute, similar to Sankarea. The ghost girl can only be seen by a few people, so it’s funny when she flirts around with the MC and the bystander only sees half of what’s going on. I will definitely keep watching it, and the ghost’s amnesia means there’s potential for a lot of mystery and adventure with this show.

Uchuu Kyoudai / SPACEBROS

I really like the execution of this show, from the premise it sounded like it would be a rather serious and heavy anime but it’s actually light-hearted and funny. I really like how it handles the older brother going from being fired and having no hope, to being accepted to JAXA’s tests and steadily regaining it. I also like how he goes to visit Sharon and reminisce about when as a kid he would try everything that is hard to stay ahead of his brother, and he gained the motivation to take the JAXA tests and try to make it to the final round.


Assault rifles that are moe girls. Do I really need to say anything else?

Yurumates 3D

Another short comedy, the first ep was okay but nothing special. Probably won’t watch.

Sakamichi no Apollon

Kaoru, a nerdy looking guy transfers to a new school, and quickly befriends Sentaro, a trouble maker. Their relationship is still in the awkward stage where they can’t seem to stand each other yet, and their tastes in music (classical vs jazz) clash which makes it even more interesting. The class rep Ritsuko who Kaoru fell for on first sight is also the childhood friend of Sentaro, and acts like a glue between them. It’s cute to see the budding of a fresh pure newborn crush within Kaoru LOL. It’s really enjoyable to watch.


Another shy-guy-meets-eccentric-friend show, though this time the eccentric friend is very annoying and is an alien. While watching the first episode I was either a) bored out of my mind or b) want to punch Haru (the alien) in the face. Supposedly they go on to save the world or something later, but I don’t think I’ll be watching this for much longer. I’ll give it maybe an episode or two to see if it gets better, but I doubt it will.


What about you readers, what shows are you going to follow this season?