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[Gunpla Review] High Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal

Since I made a technical analysis on Gundam AGE, and there are some gupla-meister-to-bes I want to convert, I’m making this review of the High Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal to try to get people started. This kit is perfect for beginners, and is simple enough to build while still looking pretty cool. Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime, Day 8: L! O! V! E! Yurin~~~<3 Finally a Gundam girl I love!

She's back!!!

As regular readers/followers would know, I’m a huge Gundam fan and watched almost all of the series (just V Gundam and G-Savior left). However, I didn’t have a girl to fangirl over in any of them. I sort of liked Aina in 08th MS Team, but she didn’t appear much, was too obsessed with her brother, and I just didn’t like her that much for some reason. Perhaps if ZZ was written seriously and not as a large pile of joke I might’ve liked Roux Louka or one of the Puru/Ples more. Tiffa (X) was too quiet, Feldt (00) was kind of interesting until season 2 and the movie, Marida Cruz looks too masculine, and I can’t think of anyone else that popped on my radar. A lot of people seemed to like Four Murasame, but she wasn’t anything special to me when I watched Z.

Then along came Yuriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn <3 Continue reading

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Gundam AGE 5-8: The Name’s Maxter. Gundam Maxter.


Again, just a quick summary.

They arrive at a huge fatass colony called Fardain and Flit meets an annoying shouta who Gundamjacks the Gundam Age and blows up some Gafrans and disappears to be picked up by ugly KKK-wannabes Pause for a moment, there are some ominous people in black cloaks surrounding a little shouta and no one notices? ARE YOU HIGH!?!?!??!! Seriously are the colony’s people BLIND or something? Anyways Wolf goes to a mobile suit maker because he’s so jelly about Flit’s Gundam while Flit and Emily encounter Fardain’s two factions fighting and are saved by underground dude who then goes out in a construction mobile suit to fight them and Flit has to jump in with the Gundam to save them but a new UE model (Baqto) appears and kicks Flit’s ass and the Age System comes up with the Titus armament and Largan stalls time with the Baqto for Flit to refit the Gundam and Flit comes and kicks the Baqto’s ass with the Gundam AGE-1 Titus and destroys it with a Beam Lariat then goes to tell the two factions to STFU and help each other fight the UE as 3 Baqtos attack the city and Wolf shows up in his new G-Exes mobile suit and slices 2 of them while Flit blows the last one up and we some dude named Yark Dole was selling mobile suit plans to the two factions and asked the guy who built Wolf’s G-Exes to build stuff for him and there’s a Zedas in the hanger of that guy’s shop which might or might not be what Yark Dole asked for but probably is since I doubt this show is gonna be very smart/complicated. 


Kyaaaa~ I miss you >.<

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