Gunpla 102: Using a Knife to Clean Nub Marks

A slightly more advanced skill than my tutorial for absolute beginners, this post will teach you how to clean up nub marks with a knife. A nub mark is the discoloring on the plastic that occurs when you cut it off the runner with a side cutter directly. I told you to do that in my previous tutorial, because I believe that you should get used to building and handling models first before you start worrying about this. I’ll admit, this process is one that is time consuming and that I hate, but it does make your model look better if you’re not planning on painting it – if you’re going to paint it later, just cut with the side cutter normally and maybe sand it a bit if it’s rough.

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Gunpla 101: Introduction to Absolute Beginners, Straight Building and Inking

I’ve been trying to get people into gunpla for a while now, and this is a guide to building for absolute beginners. You don’t need to know ANYTHING to start with this guide.

Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model) is a great hobby! It’s really fun, even if you never built anything before and don’t know much about the Gundam shows you should try it out!

I won’t be covering advanced techniques in this guide, but rather only the bare minimum to build a model kit. When I first started out, I didn’t jump right into everything and make my model epicly awesome. I just did the bare minimum. I built a few kits that way, learn a new skill, build a few more kits using that skill, then learn another one, and so on. I gradually incorporate different techniques into my process as I go.

I recommend starting with a High Grade kit, then moving on to Master Grade kits later on. The Grade determines the size and amount of detail (and price!). High Grades are usually $15-$25, 1/144 scale, 13-15 centimeters tall. They have decent detail and movement, but can’t compare to a Master Grade. MGs are $50+, 1/100 scale, ~20cm tall and have very high detail. Since they’re more complex and expensive, I recommend you build a few HG kits first to get started. There are more Grades, but these are the two main ones. I’ll write about the other ones later!

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HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal box art

[Gunpla Review] High Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal

Since I made a technical analysis on Gundam AGE, and there are some gupla-meister-to-bes I want to convert, I’m making this review of the High Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal to try to get people started. This kit is perfect for beginners, and is simple enough to build while still looking pretty cool. Continue reading


12 Days of Anime, Day 3: The Original White Devil

I’ve been a Gundam and Gunpla fan since I was small, but it took me a long time to finally get around to watching the Universal Century. I watched Wing as a tiny kid, then when I came back into watching anime I watched Gundam 00 and SEED/Destiny (piece of shit). When I finally got a Megaupload account I went and downloaded all the Gundam series I can find, mostly on animetake’s forums. I then proceeded to marathon almost everything over the summer, so expect more Gundam posts in this 12 day series ;) The Universal Century is wildly different from the Alternate Universes. Here, shit gets REAL. The atmosphere of the shows and the FEEL of it is very different, on a whole different class. While the AUs are just about big robots blowing shit up and gay angsty emo pilots appealing to the yaoi fanbase, the Universal Century shows the harsh realities of war. War doesn’t end even when people understand each other while flying naked in space through the tears of time, but is a never ending cycle that repeats despite the foolishness of war, by the foolishness of humans. And the mistakes caused by youth. Continue reading


[Gunpla] Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom WIP 2

Another Work In Progress gallery of my Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom. Since last week’s post, a few minor touch ups were made on the mobile suit. Although far from perfect, the paint scheme in some areas were improved, such as the head that was previously full of finger prints. It seems that in this version the head of the FA-78-1 is modeled after some of the older models of the RX-78-2, and looks “fatter” than newer model versions of the original Gundam. I’ll probably mod the head at some point, adding more details and shaving the sides. I repainted the barrels of the Twin Beam Rifle and the backpack cannon, eliminating most of the brush strokes left over from the last time. I also used a silver Gundam Marker to color in some of the joints, pistons and thrusters. My father brought his old modeling tools over, so I now have a bunch of things to use! I found a set of very small drills, and used the smallest to drill holes in the vulcan guns on the head to make them look more realistic.

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[Gunpla] Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom WIP 1

As many of you know, I’m a crazy Gundam fangirl (maybe I should change my blog name to Forty-Four Funnels instead) and I’ve been building Gunpla for a very long time (lost my Gunpla-virginity to a High Grade 1/100 Gundam X Divider kit when I was 5-6 years old). However I never painted them except for one experiment, sticking to only using Gundam markersbecause I didn’t want to bother with thinners and stuff like that. As I built more Master Grades (due to them being overly priced by stupid traiffs in Thailand I didn’t buy MG kits before), I decided that I should paint some.

When I finished the ReZEL and started the Full Armor Gundam, I decided to give it a custom color scheme. Since I wear a lot of red and have the self-proclaimed title Scarlet Trap (THREE TIMES TRAPPIER THAN A NORMAL TRAP!!!), I used red. I settled on gold, chrome silver, and metallic brown for the details, but I may change my mind later on.   Continue reading