Sai Mecha 2012 Nominations!

It’s time for Sai Mecha again! What is Sai Mecha, you ask? It’s a tournament where we nominate our favorite mechs and they fight, and they fight, AND THEY FIGHT UNTIL THERE IS ONLY ONE LEFT STANDING! Submit your nominations of 10 mechs by following the instructions in that link! It’s due by tomorrow (April 29), but you only need to choose a few mechs and don’t have to make a whole post like me. Even if you don’t nominate your favorite mechs in time, you can still vote in the polls to advance the robots you love!

These are my AWESOME mecha nominees!

RX-78GPo3D Dendrobium (Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories)

The monster designed for AREA DOMINANCE is composed of two units, the Stamen mobile suit and the Orchis weapons platform. It has a fuckton of missiles, and when it launches all of its weapons its like Danmaku in space. Think Touhou girls have the most firepower? WRONG! Watch this short video of Gundam Evolve 4 featuring the Dendrobium, it’ll be the coolest thing you see all day.


The Dendrobium is my favorite thing to come out of Gundam. Ever.  NOMINATE AND VOTE FOR IT! Continue reading


[Gunpla] Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom WIP 2

Another Work In Progress gallery of my Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom. Since last week’s post, a few minor touch ups were made on the mobile suit. Although far from perfect, the paint scheme in some areas were improved, such as the head that was previously full of finger prints. It seems that in this version the head of the FA-78-1 is modeled after some of the older models of the RX-78-2, and looks “fatter” than newer model versions of the original Gundam. I’ll probably mod the head at some point, adding more details and shaving the sides. I repainted the barrels of the Twin Beam Rifle and the backpack cannon, eliminating most of the brush strokes left over from the last time. I also used a silver Gundam Marker to color in some of the joints, pistons and thrusters. My father brought his old modeling tools over, so I now have a bunch of things to use! I found a set of very small drills, and used the smallest to drill holes in the vulcan guns on the head to make them look more realistic.

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