12 Days of Anime, Day 7: APPRIVOISE! Ginga Mahou Bishounen!

Oh, Star Driver. It was such a refreshing show, a mecha show that’s not-so-mecha and filled with pretty flashing colors and galactic pretty boys. It was, in all ways, FABULOUS. Takuto’s constantly-positive attitude keeps the show bright, and gets through with defeating the monster-of-the-week through sheer determination – or random new abilities that his girly looking mobile suit Cybody came up with. Continue reading

Alright~* Heartcatch! Precure~ Saa, minna de!

Heartcatch Precure! – A Review

Alright~* Heartcatch! Precure~ Saa, minna de!

As some of you may know, the Pretty Cure franchise is a mahou shoujo series of anime that targets younger audiences. I wasn’t interested in them at all, until I became addicted to this video:

MyssaRei told me that I should start with Heartcatch, since it’s meant for all audiences or something. So, here I am. Continue reading