All missiles ready for launch.

[Gunpla] Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom WIP 3

Since I keep buying and building more Gundams, instead of having the Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom be an adaptable multipurpose I reassigned it to be a heavy weapons platform. I removed the ugly sword, and scratchbuilt  a gattling gun for the right arm’s primary weapon. I also mounted a large missile launcher on the backpack that swings up to fire and back while not in use.

The gattling gun after being sprayed with Gun Metal paint.

I’m not sure how much more I’m going to work on this model, since my initial plans weren’t centered around long-range heavy weaponry. I might add boosters for long flights/speed boosts, but getting Pla Plate to stay in curved forms long enough for the plastic cement to dry is a bitch. Descriptions are added in the gallery!


[Gunpla] Full Armor Gundam Anya Custom WIP 1

As many of you know, I’m a crazy Gundam fangirl (maybe I should change my blog name to Forty-Four Funnels instead) and I’ve been building Gunpla for a very long time (lost my Gunpla-virginity to a High Grade 1/100 Gundam X Divider kit when I was 5-6 years old). However I never painted them except for one experiment, sticking to only using Gundam markersbecause I didn’t want to bother with thinners and stuff like that. As I built more Master Grades (due to them being overly priced by stupid traiffs in Thailand I didn’t buy MG kits before), I decided that I should paint some.

When I finished the ReZEL and started the Full Armor Gundam, I decided to give it a custom color scheme. Since I wear a lot of red and have the self-proclaimed title Scarlet Trap (THREE TIMES TRAPPIER THAN A NORMAL TRAP!!!), I used red. I settled on gold, chrome silver, and metallic brown for the details, but I may change my mind later on.   Continue reading