[Music] An Introduction to Touhou Music, and Some of My Favorite Songs

Some of you might know Touhou as “that shooting game with all the girls and fanart everywhere”, and wonder where music fits into the picture (if you already know feel free to scroll down to where I talk about some of my favorite songs). The game has great OST for the stage and boss fights, and doujin circles take the melody and make remixes of the songs. Sometimes the remixes are with new instruments, though many of them also have vocals added to the song. The remixes sometimes stay close to the original, but sometimes they deviate a lot. Continue reading


12 Days of Anime, Day 11: Favorite Songs of the Year!

I love many of the OPs and EDs of anime, and most of the music library I listen to at any given time is made up anime OSTs, followed by Touhou music and a few Vocaloid songs here and there. At any given point in time there’s usually one ‘The Song’ that’s stuck in my head a lot and that I really like, and it changes a lot. These songs aren’t necessarily the best, and even when I have a lot of good songs coming in at the same time only one or two are engraved into my subconscious for the moment. What I’m trying to say is there are many great songs I like that aren’t featured because they happened to come to me with something else that overshadows it at the time.

I was going to start a post series where I right about new ‘The Song’ as they come up, but since I had many of them come and go already I’m going to write about my songs for the year to kick off the series.

Chii also has a post on her favorite OPs and EDs of the year.

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