Ahh April Fool’s. I even wrote my own post for that. Yayoi got the brilliant idea to tell Miyuki that she’s transferring soon, but Miyuki ran off before she could say it was a joke. Honestly, I don’t know who I blame more for this mess. The whole group catches wind of the lie, and everyone tries to comfort Yayoi – who was too quiet and shy to be able to tell them to stop talking and explain that it was a lie. Continue reading


Smile Precure 08: Beware of Rings

The Freaky Friday Flip episode! A pair of rings swap Miyuki and Candy’s minds into each other’s bodies, and hilarity ensues. One can only question the logic of trying to have Candy pass as Miyuki at school instead of just returning home. Candy makes an absolute fool of Miyuki in every class, utterly destroying her reputation, failing her tests and giving her a bunch of extra homework to do. It was funny at first, then it just made me cringe (I have a fear of embarrassing situations). Continue reading


Smile Precure 06: DecorCEPTION. But Really, Great Episode!

So you take the Cure Decor, and put them inside the Decor Decor, which then goes into the Decor Decor Cure before going into the Decor Decor De- well you get my point. Decor Decor = possibly dumbest name for a toy, where’d the awesome names like Cure Module or Blossom Tact go?!!?!? Anyways…

This was such a great episode! We finally get to see the 5 characters interact together as one group, as well as their combined transformation sequence. The episode also introduced us to a few new characters, and explained the backstory of what happened before the show started. I also really like the stylistic choices they made here. Continue reading


Smile Precure 05: Finally, Cure Beauty!

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Reika<3 after waiting for a month, she finally gets her episode! As many of you probably know by now (considering I never shut up about it), she’s my favorite of the Cures this season. I love elegant ojou-samas ^^ but I’ll leave most of the fangirling for later.  Continue reading


Smile Precure 04: Banchou!

Nao-banchou-sama! Krizzly was hyped about this character since before the show started airing, because she’s voiced by Marina Inoue (Yozora of Haganai). She was my second favorite Cure in this series judging from the character profiles and descriptions, but things might get shuffled around next episode when Reika (Cure Beauty, my favorite Cure based on descriptions) gets her featured episode.  Continue reading


Smile Precure 03: When You Just Need A Little Push

Yayoi is shy and easily embarrassed, but she also carries a bubbly energetic atmosphere around her. Part of it might be due to her bright yellow hair, but a lot of it can be attributed to her cute smiles and the energy that radiates out from her embarrassed reactions. It’s as if all the energy she saved by being shy and reserved is let out in a cute burst. I’m glad to see that they didn’t overdo her crybaby tendencies, and they’re just enough to make you think she’s cute and not too much that you feel like punching her in the face. Continue reading