[Story] Yin-Yang Couple, the Angel and the Devil

Another writing prompt from 2DT, this time “drink another between night & blue”! I decided to go for a different style this time. It’s a fantasy story, written in first person, which I’m not used to writing in >_< so apologies if it sounds weird! The pictures in this post are quick sketches I tried to make before the time limit of posting is up. Yes I know they suck.

Please enjoy, and tell me what you think about the story!

I took a sip of wine as I slowly climbed the stairs. This unbelievably high clock tower sat atop one of the highest mountains in the region. I could’ve flown all the way to the top, but I wanted to take my time to slowly savor the experience and bring back long forgotten memories. When I finally made it to the top, I sat on the edge of the balcony and finished my glass of wine, the clouds swirling beneath my feet.

I poured two more glasses and set one aside, taking the other in my hand.

On my left was the dark night, and on my right was the blue sky and the sunrise.

I drink another between night and blue.

She should be here any minute, I thought as I stretched my dark leathery wings to catch the breeze.

I heard a soft thump beside me, and looked up to see her and her beautiful white wings of feathers. Her eyes were closed and she had a serene smile on her face.

”Wine?” I offered as she sat down.

”Sure.” Our glasses made a light chink as we tapped them together.

”How many hundred years was it since we first fought over this very tower?”

”Quite a few. It doesn’t feel like much, considering how we can only meet each other for this brief time each day.” She said as she laid her head down on my breasts.

”It couldn’t be helped. The night is my domain, and the day, yours.” I gently stroked her hair.

”That’s going to end today.”

”I’ll really miss your soft wings though.” I ran my hand through her feathers, trying to embed the memory into my soul. ”Will we really meet each other again?”

”If the spell is cast correctly, then yes. Shall we start?”

”Might as well.” She stood up and summoned a large magic circle, a series of bright shining runes and sigils floating in midair and rotating around us. Together we summoned our weapons, my spear and her sword. ”Will we remember each other after the reincarnation?”

”Honestly, I don’t know. But,” she looked deeply into my eyes ”I want to believe that we could be together properly, and that our hearts will guide us.”

We chanted the incantation in unison. The runes shone brighter than ever before, lighting up the clock tower as if it was a beacon. We looked into each other’s eyes one last time, and I punctured her heart with my spear as she sliced mine with her sword. The torrent of energy and blood flowing out of our bodies wrapped around us in a maelstrom, and in our last moments I kissed her and wrapped our tongues around each other’s. And the world faded away.




As each day passed by, I felt I was missing something from my life. There was plenty to do in this village, and school was fun, but I can’t shake the feeling. The feeling of having forgotten something very important. The people of the village teased me for my unusual straight, long black hair, but that wasn’t the cause of my concern.

”Class, today we have a new student! Please welcome her!” the teacher said as she brought in a girl. As I turned to look, I saw that she had long fluffy hair that was whiter than snow. Immediately I shot up straight from my seat. The girl turned to look at me, and our eyes met. Before I realized it, I was running towards her, and her towards me. We embraced each other after a century apart.