12 Days of Anime, Day 1: Twitter and SCCSAV

Okay, I cheated and this isn’t a post about an anime, but it’s a post about changes in my EXPERIENCE to anime. This just has to be the first of my 12 Days of Anime series, since its the most important anime-related thing to happen to me this year – heck, my whole life. Prior to this year, I didn’t have anyone to talk to with regards to anime, except on facebook with a few friends – who don’t watch anime as much as they used to in high school. Then I stumbled across a few anime blogs, followed some writers on twitter, and became a part of #SCCSAV.

Obligatory slightly-related-to-subject Touhou Picture

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On Self-Publishing, Distribution, Content Creators, Circles and Critical Mass

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in publishing, nor have I ever published anything apart from a few thoughts on this little blog. I am simply someone who happens to enjoy things related to anime fandom, and read a few articles here and there about the tech industry’s disruption of old media. I also grew up in Thailand as a cheap bastard and took note of my spending habits. Some of my specific ideas will probably apply more to writers that primarily target the anime fandom rather than “mainstream” audiences, but the basic underlying principles might still apply to you. You probably won’t be able to make a living entirely off your content (very few do), but this might be able to let you make at least some money on the side.
These thoughts are not limited to only writing, though it initially focuses on writing. If you are a content creator, be it art, music, plastic models, clothing, or anything else, please read on as you are also a crucial part of what I envision.

I guess the obvious should be stated first. Publishing actual physical copies of books takes up a lot of capital, something that most of us will not have access to unless you sign up with a traditional publishing house. Counting on signing up is not recommended, as they take high royalty fees, you get drawn in to contracts, and who knows when they will even publish anything you make? Since physical print is out of the question, at least initially, the answer is to publish online.

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