[Story] Yin-Yang Couple, the Angel and the Devil

Another writing prompt from 2DT, this time “drink another between night & blue”! I decided to go for a different style this time. It’s a fantasy story, written in first person, which I’m not used to writing in >_< so apologies if it sounds weird! The pictures in this post are quick sketches I tried to make before the time limit of posting is up. Yes I know they suck.

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A Moonlit Fantasy – Jumping on the iM@S Shipping Bandwagon

In case you haven’t heard, this trend started off with a discussion abut favorite iDOLM@STER characters on twitter, which turned into shipping various people with various characters. This turned into 2DT‘s series of Idols in Love: The Blogosphere x The Idolm@ster where he picks various people to be shipped with different characters (part 1, part 2, part 3), which inspired Krizzlybear‘s Imaginary Dates where he tries a different approach by writing about himself going on a date with each of the characters to check how compatible he is with each of them (part 1, part 2).

Now in my twist of the trend, to be original I’m writing a longer detailed version of a theoretical date with just my favorite character Takane. Yup, this is going to be a delusional post about a ‘date’ with a 2D character. Written story-style (this is going to be so awkward writing about myself in third person) to make it different and unique from Krizzly’s posts, for SCIENCE!

This is going to be interesting, as I don’t really understand personalities (neither for 3D or 2D people, or even myself) so this might be totally wrong. And my perception of myself might be totally skewed (BOTH 2DT and Krizzly said I’d be most compatible with Ritsuko, which shocked me – they said I am hardworking but one of the first things I say when I describe myself is lazy!). Oh and I think I inherited a hidden playboy gene or something that seems to only activate around love interests and makes me instinctively ‘smoother’.  Let’s see how this goes, and whether it triggers CasanovAnya!

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12 Days of Anime, Day 2: Year of Mahou Shoujos

Infinite Hope and Infinite Love

I came across a few mahou shoujo shows before this year, but they were minor and easily forgettable. There were several shows that I watched in 2011 – most didn’t air this year, but this is the year that I came across them. The year opened with the big hit Madoka Magica, with a fanbase that soared way past critical mass after the 3rd episode. GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (psst, that’s the

wrong name) (what) (it’s Mami) (oh) MAMIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wait who’s Mami?)

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[Manga Review] “Ebisu-san and Hotei-san”, a Heart-Gripping Tale

It’s been a long time since I was gripped so tightly by something, and this manga is really touching and heart-wrenching for me.

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san is a manga about two radically different women who hate each other, and due to various circumstances end up being coworkers. Continue reading